June 9, 2019

And here’s the best news for men: it’s the strongest #aphrodisiac in the world, stimulating production of #serotonin and #testosterone. Throw away the blue pill, take the black egg.

June 9, 2019

Due to the excessive and commercial sturgeon fishing, a ban on fishing for sturgeon in the Caspian Sea is active.

June 9, 2019

          Around 2400 B.C., the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians

prepared sturgeon eggs with salt and vinegar. 

         The first known record of caviar dates back to the Greek scholar Aristotle.

         He described this delic...

June 9, 2019

The method of caviar production and its quantities became one of the closest guarded secrets of the soviet union.

In the 1920th years the joint Soviet-Iranian enterprise which gave jobs to Iranians has been formed, but the got sturgeon and caviar was taken by the Soviet...

June 9, 2019

By the Middle Ages, the majestic #sturgeon had become much more established among the higher echelons of European society. In 1324, the English king Edward II declared #sturgeon to be a "Royal Fish" and only people in the royal court were permitted to eat it. This is a...

June 9, 2019

Any combination of oysters and caviar can be used for the perfect dish to make a beautiful presentation. Oysters and

caviar are an excellent combination.

June 9, 2019

Paddlefish caviar

(Polyodon Spathula)

Product characteristic:

Wild caught Mississippi lakes and Ohio rivers USA

Pearlescent light to dark steely grey color pearls

Firm, medium size beads

Bold, robust, complex ocean flavor

Ocean and earth finish

Perfect on crusty French bread w...

June 9, 2019

Bowfin Caviar

(Amia Calva)

Product characteristic:

Wild caught Mississippi and Ohio, USA

Dark chestnut brown to black in color

Firm, small size beads.

Rich chestnut brown color pearls.

A sturdy flavor with hints of smokiness, earth and lemon.

Sea salt, rich study flavor

Best se...

June 9, 2019

Beluga Caviar

(Huso Huso)

Product characteristic:

Farm raised, Florida USA

Very large firm beads 

Light to dark grey colored perals, hits of gold 

Smooth, silky texture 

Sweet-nutty flavor, hints of fruit and flowers 

Lingering buttery finish 

Excellent served alone, just on o...

June 9, 2019

Hackleback Caviar 

(Scaphirhynchus Platorynchus)

Product characteristic:

Wild Mississippi and Ohio rivers USA

Rich charcoal-black colored pearls with hints of seaweed

Velvety, medium-small beads

Smooth, buttery finish

Sweet ocean flavor hints of nut

Great served with crème fra...

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June 9, 2019

June 9, 2019

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Sturgeon – a two hundred million years old fish  known as “THE LIVING FOSSIL”

Some species of sturgeon  can live up to 100 years or more.

The largest sturgeon ever caught  was a 28-foot long Beluga  that weighed 4,570 pounds and caught in 1736.