The aspiration of ROMANOV Caviar educational program

is to educate consumers about the caviar industry,

its history and products and provide them an expert level wealth of knowledge,

giving them the ability to spot impersonators from afar.

A brief overview of the history, mystery and potent nutrients of this ancient delicacy.

You’ll learn how to serve caviar as well as why every man should eat it.

The presentation will be followed by a complimentary tasting of a variety of exotic caviars.

Minimum number or participants - 8 persons. From $98 per person.

Sturgeon – a two hundred million years old fish  known as “THE LIVING FOSSIL”

Some species of sturgeon  can live up to 100 years or more.

The largest sturgeon ever caught  was a 28-foot long Beluga  that weighed 4,570 pounds and caught in 1736.