• Species of Sturgeon: Acipenser Ruthenus (RUT)
    Fram raised. Lab tests provided.
    Country of origin: USA and Germany: refer to CITES label.
    Product description:
    The size of the eggs is sightly smaller which explains its smooth, more velvety texture and lingering buttery finish.
    Sterlet caviar is rarely available in USA and therefore will definitely add exclusivity and variability to the menu of any high end restaurant.
    Storage Type: only Refrigerated (28-34F).

    Sterlet Sturgeon


      Sturgeon – a two hundred million years old fish  known as “THE LIVING FOSSIL”

      Some species of sturgeon  can live up to 100 years or more.

      The largest sturgeon ever caught  was a 28-foot long Beluga  that weighed 4,570 pounds and caught in 1736.

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