Beluga Caviar (Huso Huso) #BlackCaviar #CakeOfPower #Beluga

Beluga Caviar

(Huso Huso)

Product characteristic:

Farm raised, Florida USA

Very large firm beads

Light to dark grey colored perals, hits of gold

Smooth, silky texture

Sweet-nutty flavor, hints of fruit and flowers

Lingering buttery finish

Excellent served alone, just on o mother of pearl spoon

Sturgeon Aquafarms is the only farm in the United States that is legally permitted to trade in Beluga Caviar.

This one of the kind product will be in great demand among high end restaurants, bars and individuals.

The most common substitute for Beluga caviar in Europe is a hybrid between Beluga sturgeon and Sterlet sturgeon (Bester) which is often incorrectly sold as pure Beluga Caviar.

Recommended shelf life: 4 weeks at 28-32

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Sturgeon – a two hundred million years old fish  known as “THE LIVING FOSSIL”

Some species of sturgeon  can live up to 100 years or more.

The largest sturgeon ever caught  was a 28-foot long Beluga  that weighed 4,570 pounds and caught in 1736.