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Cod Liver from Iceland, Kosher, salt 0.75%, WILD


 Canned Cod Liver is a well-known delicacy on the European market and in parts of North America. It has also been popular in Taiwan for over 20 years. It is cherished not only for its tender delicate taste but also for its high value of Omega 3 and Vitamins A&D. 

We take care to use only fresh cod liver which is caught by line boats off the shore of Iceland. This way we ensure not only the freshest possible raw material but also profit from the pure unspoiled Icelandic waters. Our Cod Liver does not contain any additives or preservatives or coloring. Only salt is added.


 Our production method is simple: After putting the fresh Cod Liver into the can, these are sealed tightly and placed in the cooking chamber. Here the Cod Liver is boiled inside the can without getting in to contact with air or water. During this cooking process a part of the oil is excreted from the Cod Liver – which causes the liver to shrink. NO oil is added to the product. 

Therefore when you open the can you will find the Cod Liver covered with clear Cod Liver Oil from the Liver itself. 

This oil left in your can is of highest purity. We recommend that you do not throw it away but put it away in your fridge and take one spoonful of that oil every morning for the next 3 days (or until the can is empty). 

How to serve: We recommend that you enjoy the liver itself by frying it gently for a minute (no added oil needed) and serving immediately with a salad; As supplement for your seafood plate or simply on a slice of toast or with a glass of white wine. 


Wild Cod Liver in own Oil, Kosher, 4.05oz, case of 24

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